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In an era filled with female pop stars, Miriam Lemnouni stands out from the crowd as a bright new rising star. Her songs are crafted works of art that capture a time and place in Miriam's life and touch a nerve with her listeners, drawing them in and relating to generations of fans. Her upcoming album cuts to the core with songs about living, losing, changing and finding oneself beneath all the rubble.

Taking chances and risking it all, Miriam embarked on a path to Hollywood and back to reach her goals. Her first single, "Branded," was inspired by this most recent adventure to Hollywood where she participated in Americaís #1 rated vocal competition. The Fall of 2010 marked Miriamís first official album release to date.

In 2014, a new chapter will be written as this will mark the premier of Miriam's newest Album. Keep up to date on the homepage or on the facebook page.

Miriam was introduced to music at an early age by her mother who plays classical piano. "There was always a piano being played in my house. My favorite game was to make up lyrics and a melody to the music my Mom created." Growing up in a musical household helped developed Miriam's ear for music.

At an early age, Miriam's singing talent was undeniable and she was quickly noticed by a Disney talent agent. She was hired to perform at special events for Disney's youth programs in Orlando, Florida. In college, Miriam continued perfecting her skills by joining an all-women's a cappella group and studying vocal performance.

Since graduating, Miriam has spent her time in studios and on stage gearing up for her next professional step.

Visit the Branded single site and download the mp3 for free.

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Miriam Lemnouni